We Have a New Name: Seattle For Growth is Here!

You’ll notice a change here and I think it speaks for itself: we are now Seattle For Growth. I’m still getting used to this switch having been typing our old name for the last five years. I see this name change as an evolution and part of a resolution: always start with what we’re for. […]

New Video: Landlords are Human Beings, Small Business Owners

Watch and share this great video. One of the reasons people blame and bash landlords is the myth that property management is largely done by corporations. Most landlords are just like anyone else, trying to make a living providing places for people to live.

The Way Back Machine: From Neighborhood Activist to Neighborhood Developer

This is part of a series looking back at 20 years of land use, planning, and housing policy history leading up to the state we’re in today. Yesterday’s post was about the Beacon Hill station. Apologies for the many, many names and stories I can’t mention and for anything I got wrong or misremembered. Later, […]