Election Day: Burke, Democracy, and a Vision of the City

It’s difficult on Election Day for me to not get historical and philosophical about the big day. This year there seems to be a lot at stake for people across the country and right here at home. When I consider our democracy I can’t help but think about Edmund Burke, perhaps the most overlooked of […]

Tale of Two Maps: Seattle Mayor and Council Draw New Redline

National Geographic has a very interesting post called, “Newly Released Maps Show How Housing Discrimination Happened.” The post highlights a project called Mapping Inequality led by Nathan Connolly, an urban historian at Johns Hopkins University and others at the National Archives that digitized maps made by the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation known as HOLC. The HOLC was […]

Visualization: Microhousing in the United States

In an recent article, RCLCO (formerly Robert Charles Lesser & Co.), presented an interesting visualization of microhousing in the United States, “Is Smaller Getting Bigger? Visualizing Micro Units Across the United States.” While it is interesting to put our own microhousing question in national perspective there a couple of really important notes before going all […]