Rent Control Bills Dead in Olympia

Adapted from an email sent last week to supporters. Some good news from Olympia. Friday¬†at 5PM was the cut off for policy bills to be passed out of committee. After many visits to legislative offices, emails, interviews, committee meetings, and debates we can say we won this first skirmish. Both HB 2583 and SB 6400, […]

Long Day in Olympia: Hearing But Not Heard

We spent the day in Olympia trying to get the point across that support for House Bill 2583 is support for rent control. It was a long day. I’m posting this video because it is so incredibly biased. Really? Community leaders? What community leaders? I have a lot of respect for reporters who have to […]

Built Green 2017: Panel Highlights Mayor, Council Races

A little less than a month ago I caught part of a panel discussion between candidates for Mayor of Seattle and for the seat on the City Council formerly held by interim Mayor Tim Burgess. There wasn’t anything shocking in the exchanges I saw and I didn’t hear much about housing economics that corresponded with […]