Seattle’s New Bike Parking Requirements Show How Regulation Kills Housing

I’m often greeted with some skepticism when I make the point that regulation is making housing prices worse. Some people just don’t believe it, instead blaming greed or Amazon. Others dismiss what I’m saying as libertarianism; we shouldn’t have any rules! But David Neiman, an architect and an expert at explaining how bad rules and […]

Long Day in Olympia: Hearing But Not Heard

We spent the day in Olympia trying to get the point across that support for House Bill 2583 is support for rent control. It was a long day. I’m posting this video because it is so incredibly biased. Really? Community leaders? What community leaders? I have a lot of respect for reporters who have to […]

From a Builder: Rent Control Will Kill 39 Unit Project

This morning at 10:00 in Olympia House Bill 2583 will have a hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee. The legislation would repeal what amounts to a ban on local governments enacting rent control, a widely discredited and failed policy of price controlling housing. That we are even arguing about rent control is a […]