From a Builder: Forced Into a Corner

A few years ago I got a call (as I often do) from a housing builder who had some issues with his project. We talked through them then and he kept going. More than three years later he got in touch to let me know the project is done and leased up. But think about […]

Does Senator Pedersen Support or Oppose Rent Control in Seattle?

If I were a political consultant here’s the answer I’d advise a Seattle politician to give on the question of rent control if they wanted to win election and preserve some of their intellectual integrity on rent control: “I oppose rent control on the basis that it simply doesn’t work to lower prices for rental […]

From the DJC: “Another Example of Why We Can’t Build Enough Housing”

Last week I got an email from a supporter with the words “another example of why we can’t build enough housing” in the subject heading and the following clip from the Daily Journal of Commerce. I’ve put an emphasis on key points in the text. New plan for Avalon site totals 40 units, not 102 […]