Seattle Times Shocker: Supply and Demand Exists!

Here is the headline from a Seattle Times story last week: Seattle Area Rents Drop Significantly…. Wait. Is this the real Seattle Times? The one that consistently heralds the latest increase in average rents as “skyrocketing?” At first I thought this was clever satire. Had the Seattle Times hired deconstructionist performance artist Charles Mudede to […]

On the West Coast Price Control Obsession Continues

A long, long time ago in an empire far away, an emperor decreed that prices were going up too fast and too high and he imposed a regime of price controls on everything from wheat to labor. The penalty for violating the controls was death. The emperor was Dioclectian, and in spite of his track […]

Perverse Sentimentalism Part 3: How We Might Get Rent Control

You’ll hear a lot of people hand wave the notion that Seattle will get rent control anytime soon. Even the legislative proponent, Representative Nicole Macri, says she thinks it will be a struggle. But here’s how it might play out. My job is to worry about the worst case scenario. Here’s the worst scenario I […]