Seattle Times Shocker: Supply and Demand Exists!

Here is the headline from a Seattle Times story last week: Seattle Area Rents Drop Significantly…. Wait. Is this the real Seattle Times? The one that consistently heralds the latest increase in average rents as “skyrocketing?” At first I thought this was clever satire. Had the Seattle Times hired deconstructionist performance artist Charles Mudede to […]

Issaquah Councilman: Twisted Irony or Perverse Sentimentalism?

When I was a young philosophy student we spent many hours debating ethics and morality and learning the difference. One element of the pedagogy was the hypothetical scenario as a way to explore whether human beings can behave in ways that are moral and what that even means. One key discussion was always around altruism, […]

Costs, Permitting, and Uncertainty: Outreach to Our New Mayor

Last week Jenny Durkan was sworn in as Seattle’s new Mayor. It is a historic moment since Durkan is the first woman to have the job in almost a century. She’s also got a big job managing expectations about growth and change in the city in the next decade. We’ve already been reaching out to […]