Does Senator Pedersen Support or Oppose Rent Control in Seattle?

If I were a political consultant here’s the answer I’d advise a Seattle politician to give on the question of rent control if they wanted to win election and preserve some of their intellectual integrity on rent control: “I oppose rent control on the basis that it simply doesn’t work to lower prices for rental […]

Seattle Times Shocker: Supply and Demand Exists!

Here is the headline from a Seattle Times story last week: Seattle Area Rents Drop Significantly…. Wait. Is this the real Seattle Times? The one that consistently heralds the latest increase in average rents as “skyrocketing?” At first I thought this was clever satire. Had the Seattle Times hired deconstructionist performance artist Charles Mudede to […]

Rent Control Debate: Seattle For Growth on the Seattle Channel

Last week I debated Councilmember Kshma Sawant on proposed legislation, House Bill 2583, a bill that would repeal the decades old preemption on local governments imposing rent control. Rent control will be a big issue this month while the legislation moves through the process in Olympia. You’ll see I start right out with what we’re […]