Durkan’s First 100 Days: So Far, Not So Good

Jenny Durkan’s administration began November 28 of last year. How should the building community evaluate her first 100 days? A week or so after the mayor took office, I wrote up some ways we could evaluate the new mayor. Now more than two-thirds of the way through the first hundred days, we have some answers. It […]

SB 6595: The Housing Efficiency and Fairness Act

When it comes to housing policy, City Hall has become impervious to data and reason. We know that the policy of Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) will result in higher prices to cover fees that will be charged to new housing construction, exactly the opposite of what people looking for housing need. We also know the […]

Rent Control Bills Dead in Olympia

Adapted from an email sent last week to supporters. Some good news from Olympia. Friday at 5PM was the cut off for policy bills to be passed out of committee. After many visits to legislative offices, emails, interviews, committee meetings, and debates we can say we won this first skirmish. Both HB 2583 and SB 6400, […]