Warning From Portland: Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning Brings Building to Halt

I’ve often said that I’ve never seen such intense and stubborn support for such a significant and sweeping imposition as I have for Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ). There are two opponents in Seattle to the measure that the City calls Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA), Seattle For Growth and angry neighbors who have appealed the program […]

Even if Non-Profit Units Cost $50K, It Would Still Make More Sense to Give Away Cash

Well, here I am again with criticism of the Mayor’s proposed supplement to existing voucher programs. The idea, giving vouchers to people struggling with rent in Seattle, is not a bad idea. But as I had suspected, it’s not a simple distribution of cash for rent. In fact, I’m not sure exactly how it will […]

From a Small Landlord: If Rules and Politicians Aren’t Helping, Get Rid of Them

Here is another story from someone who provides housing sharing the mess being created by the City Council for people trying to make a living providing reasonably priced housing. We’ve also shared a couple stories from builders facing similar troubles trying to build housing and worried about rent control. The City Council has ceased to function […]