Vox Populis: A Recap of the Public Hearing on Rent Control

Later today we’ll find out whether proposed rent control legislation will live or die. In this guest post by Spencer R. Clark, Vice President of Investments at Marcus & Millichap runs down what happened early this week in the Senate committee that considered the repeal of the preemption of rent control. If the legislation does […]

How Does Seattle’s Bad Housing Policy Hurt Rural Immigrants?

When people in the media talk about a housing “crisis” (I still haven’t seen a quantitative definition of what that means) the image conjured up is usually an urban one. Whether it is homelessness or high rents or the lack of so called “workforce housing,” the concentration of the energy on the issues is mostly […]

SB 6400: The State Senate’s Version of Rent Control

This morning I’ll be testifying against Senate Bill 6400, the Senate version of the House’s bill, 2583. The bills do the same thing, repeal the state level preemption of rent control policies by local governments. I’ll mention much of what I said on the Dori Monson show last week: rent control doesn’t work to lower […]