Location: More Housing Everywhere!

So the second principle that animates the work of Seattle For Growth is location. Everyone has heard that old phrase about real estate being about three things: location, location, location! The other one is, “Buy land, they’re not making any more of it!” Our second principle is really about both of these: housing is a […]

Typology: From Shelter to Investment

Here it is one week since our name change. I wish could say it went off without a glitch, but we had some. We were offline due to some kind of hacking from someone planting malware on the site. We got that cleaned up, and our email finally synced up as well, so it looks […]

We Have a New Name: Seattle For Growth is Here!

You’ll notice a change here and I think it speaks for itself: we are now Seattle For Growth. I’m still getting used to this switch having been typing our old name for the last five years. I see this name change as an evolution and part of a resolution: always start with what we’re for. […]