Seattle Times Shocker: Supply and Demand Exists!

Here is the headline from a Seattle Times story last week: Seattle Area Rents Drop Significantly…. Wait. Is this the real Seattle Times? The one that consistently heralds the latest increase in average rents as “skyrocketing?” At first I thought this was clever satire. Had the Seattle Times hired deconstructionist performance artist Charles Mudede to […]

Rent Control Debate: Seattle For Growth on the Seattle Channel

Last week I debated Councilmember Kshma Sawant on proposed legislation, House Bill 2583, a bill that would repeal the decades old preemption on local governments imposing rent control. Rent control will be a big issue this month while the legislation moves through the process in Olympia. You’ll see I start right out with what we’re […]

Crosscut: More Housing Means We Can Use Public Resources Wisely

Crosscut recently posted an article, Affordable housing? It’s on Seattle’s wealthy, calls for building lots of publicly owned housing by taxing “the rich.” We support public investment in housing, especially through programs like the Multifamily Tax Exemption (MFTE) program that uses deferred tax revenue to incentivize creation of rent restricted units and vouchers. The building of subsidized housing […]