I’m Telling You for the Last Time: Candidate and Voter Primer on the Wrongness of MIZ

Repetition is a powerful rhetorical device. Think of music or poetry especially, but also visual art. A phrase or lyric is often repeated in order to create an impact. Think of Dylan Thomas’ poem, “Do not go gentle into that good night,” a poem that if you remember it all is remembered for the repeated […]

KOMO Highlights Weld Seattle, a Solution Discovered by Meeting Real Needs

I’ve been struggling with the concept in Hayek’s 1968 lecture, “Competition as a discovery procedure” that, essentially, we can’t really know what a problem is until the market finds a solution. But the work of Weld Seattle can give us some insight into that idea. The problem is a broken permitting process that is unpredictable […]

Too Long; Didn’t Read Tuesday: A Long Ago Exchange Over the Roosevelt Upzones

You really ought to be sure you check your Facebook messenger inbox. You may find some fascinating things in there. I have found messages from people trying to reach me from years ago; because we we’re friends on Facebook I never saw the message. You’re also sure to find ancient dialogues that will stir your […]