Eagan: Amazon Took the “Soul” of Seattle?

A recent column in the New York Times by Timothy Egan exposes┬áthe depth of assumptions held by many in our community about Amazon, growth, and housing. The exposure isn’t so much in the content of Egan’s column but it’s form, a kind of wistful obituary for a city that, according to Eagan, was once a […]

Mental Health Issues: Angry Magnolia Neighbors Open Their Heads

In this line of work I’ve heard just about everything from worries about exploding sinks to weepy testimonials about how some townhouses mean certain death. When people fear change they’ll come up with just about every excuse why the change is bad except for what they’re really worried about: it’s called a red herring, something […]

Seattle Times is More Incoherent on Housing than Ever

I’ve tried. I really have. But I think the Seattle Times is officially hopeless. Here’s what they said in their endorsement of Jenny Durkan last week: On housing, both candidates should be more cautious about upzoning single-family neighborhoods. That can decrease affordability by making houses and older buildings more valuable to speculators. Housing policy should […]