En Mexico: Cash, Entrepreneurship, and Jobs

One of the things that adds to the unique economy in San Agustinillo is it’s cash economy. And, there are no cash machines in San Agustinillo. Nada. Cero. The closest machines are up the hill in Mazunte about a 15 walk away. Imagine a world where your cards are simply meaningless. No value. Useless other […]

En Mexico: We Have Lots to Learn from the Rest of the World

I’ve been the subject of much affection on the internet. Just the other day someone confused me with Richard Cranium! I don’t mind ad hominem attacks or clever sobriquets, but if the name is just wrong, I have to fix it. One of the most stubborn epithets attaches to me that is wrong is libertarian. […]

The Way Back Machine: An Election and the End of Neighborhood Planning

This is part of a series looking back at 20 years of land use, planning, and housing policy history leading up to the state we’re in today. Last I covered my thoughts about why neighborhood planning was a good idea.  Apologies for the many, many names and stories I can’t mention and for anything I got […]