Betting We’re Going to Lose: Wading Into the Housing Market

I’ve never owned a home and the last time I lived in a single-family house was growing up years ago in New Mexico. But I’ve decided it’s time to take a look at the housing market. Part of it is my age. Having an asset later on in my life that could be turned into […]

Footnotes: Smart Growth Seattle Cited by Cato

When I was trying to be an academic back in my early twenties I learned the measuring rod for my work would be answering the question, “How many times have you been cited?” It was, frankly, a measure that was part of the reasons I left the profession. Judging my value by often being a […]

The Three Powerful Myths Keeping MIZ Alive

I’ve been in Mexico on a last minute trip. Maybe I got too much sun. But I was suddenly struck with why Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) has been so hard to fight or even engage over. Both supporters and opponents just seem to fade away when they learn that people who build housing oppose MIZ […]