Costs, Permitting, and Uncertainty: Outreach to Our New Mayor

Last week Jenny Durkan was sworn in as Seattle’s new Mayor. It is a historic moment since Durkan is the first woman to have the job in almost a century. She’s also got a big job managing expectations about growth and change in the city in the next decade. We’ve already been reaching out to […]

On the Radio: $73 Million for 148 Units at Magnuson

Last Wednesday morning I was on the radio with Dave Ross talking about Mercy Housing $73 million rehab of 148 units at Building 9 of the decommissioned United States Navy barracks at Magnuson Park. Here’s Mercy Housing’s description of the project: Building 9 will offer 148 apartments for working families and small households in the […]

Footnotes: Smart Growth Seattle Cited by Cato

When I was trying to be an academic back in my early twenties I learned the measuring rod for my work would be answering the question, “How many times have you been cited?” It was, frankly, a measure that was part of the reasons I left the profession. Judging my value by often being a […]