New York Example: What Happens When Housing Supply Increases? Prices Go Down!

Remember my frustrating conversation with a legislator about there not being any guarantee that builders and landlords wouldn’t just pocket the difference if costs created by regulation went down? I pointed out that if costs went down and supply went up competition would ensue and prices would fall; it’s called the invisible hand. Well here’s […]

Seattle Times is More Incoherent on Housing than Ever

I’ve tried. I really have. But I think the Seattle Times is officially hopeless. Here’s what they said in their endorsement of Jenny Durkan last week: On housing, both candidates should be more cautious about upzoning single-family neighborhoods. That can decrease affordability by making houses and older buildings more valuable to speculators. Housing policy should […]

Will a Carbon Tax in Washington State Raise Housing Prices?

My first answer to the question in the headline is, “Of course!” Taxation, especially indirect taxation of the fuel that is used in trucks and equipment used in the construction process, would boost costs that would have to be passed on to consumers. The more honest answer is, “I have no idea, only a guess.” […]