The Three Powerful Myths Keeping MIZ Alive

I’ve been in Mexico on a last minute trip. Maybe I got too much sun. But I was suddenly struck with why Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) has been so hard to fight or even engage over. Both supporters and opponents just seem to fade away when they learn that people who build housing oppose MIZ […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Parable of the Pies

t was thanksgiving. The family was looking forward to its usual gathering. Everyone would be there, brothers and sisters, and even a few more distant relatives that had moved far away. Much planning had gone into the event; for months before careful counts were made of guests, estimates of food were made, and careful seating […]

En Mexico: Cash, Entrepreneurship, and Jobs

One of the things that adds to the unique economy in San Agustinillo is it’s cash economy. And, there are no cash machines in San Agustinillo. Nada. Cero. The closest machines are up the hill in Mazunte about a 15 walk away. Imagine a world where your cards are simply meaningless. No value. Useless other […]