McNellis on Housing: It’s Not About More Money but Fewer Rules

A while back at a Urban Land Institute event I had a chance to meet John McNellis who writes brilliantly on housing in California. He’s singing my song yet again in his review of a bunch of legislation recently passed by the California legislature. I didn’t need to know a lot about the legislation to […]

The Disconnect: Will Lowering Costs of Housing Production Mean Lower Prices?

It’s obvious to most people that when there is scarcity of something its price goes up. When there is an abundance of a product it goes down. But when it comes to housing, the disconnect between what’s obvious and deep bias against new development and change was brought home to me. In a meeting last […]

Durkan’s Housing Plan is About More Money, Not More Housing

Jenny Durkan has a housing plan. While it touts microhousing as part of the solution and supports the notion of vouchers (just helping people with their rent now) as being more efficient that building $500,000 units in 5 years, it still is missing the fundamental point: we have a housing scarcity problem, not a public funding problem. […]