What’s Happening at the Habitability Committee?

The battle over microhousing ended in Seattle with the forces opposed to small, congregate living winning almost completely. The most affordable approach to microhousing included small rooms including a bathroom, a sink, a refrigerator, and a microwave, clustered around a shared kitchen forming a unit. This model of microhousing provided¬†great location, lower overall monthly rent, […]

Take the Survey on Minimum Room and Dwelling Unit Sizes

I’ve been serving on a subcommittee of the Construction Code Advisory Board (CCAB) on smaller living spaces. I know, what’s the CCAB? Well, the CCAB is a hard working group of experts in various fields of construction and building that review changes to the building code. The building code is a powerful way of ensuring […]

Visualization: Microhousing in the United States

In an recent article, RCLCO (formerly Robert Charles Lesser & Co.), presented an interesting visualization of microhousing in the United States, “Is Smaller Getting Bigger? Visualizing Micro Units Across the United States.” While it is interesting to put our own microhousing question in national perspective there a couple of really important notes before going all […]