Microhousing on KCTS

Even though microhousing legislation has passed and is now in effect, the interest in microhousing is as hot as ever. I was interviewed for the KCTS program In Close along with Daniel Stoner a microhousing developer and neighbors. The Mayor was also interviewed. The same strange comments are repeated by Greenwood neighbors about the people […]

Harvard Avenue: Rich Neighbors Win

I’ve already written about the nasty invective that comes from the neighbors on Harvard Avenue on Capitol Hill who opposed a microhousing project, filing a law suit that resulted in forcing the project to change it’s room count and raise rents. Here’s an example: I am one of the victims of support for a five […]

Can Tiny Houses Help Solve Homelessness?

Another of my fellow panelists at last week’s Housing Land Advocates Conference in Portland was the Reverend Dan Bryant of First Christian Church in Eugene, Oregon. Bryant is the President of the board of directors of Opportunity Village Eugene or OVE. OVE is a village of very small houses organized as a community and built […]