Storm of the Century?: City Planners Blow the Housing Forecast and Microhousing

Apartment guru Mike Scott of Dupree + Scott has just released their latest Apartment Advisor newsletter and it is packed with lots of great data. I won’t go through his clarion explanation of supply and demand and vacancy rates (Surprise! Lower vacancy rates mean higher rents), or his discussion of the fact that rent increases aren’t […]

Knee Deep in The Big Muddy: Will City Press On with MIZ?

June 20, 2016 Re: Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning Proposal in PLUZ Committee on 6/20/2016 Mayor Murray and Councilmembers, Attached you will find a three page list of process hang ups, rules, regulations, and code language that each add time and cost to the production of housing in Seattle. Each of these is a solvable challenge and […]

Yobi Apartments: What Microhousing Could Have Been

It’s been almost a year since the Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee under the leadership of Councilmember Mike O’Brien outlawed microhousing in Seattle. I can still remember Councilmember Burgess chiding the audience that the legislation passed would have no effect on the production of microhousing, even as a letter was arriving from the […]