Making S**t Up: The Problem With Zoning Regulations

I am deeply skeptical of efforts to regulate outcomes in the market place using the land use code, zoning, and housing policy. What do I mean? Well an article by John McNellis at the Bay Area real estate blog, The Registry called Big City Dreaming points out one example: mandated commercial space. Many jurisdictions, including […]

Affholter: Successful Density Opponents Mean Higher Housing Prices, Sprawl

Shannon Affholter, the Executive Director of the Master Builders Association had an important opinion piece in the print edition of the Seattle Times. In it, he makes the point that we’ve all been making over and over again: when anti-growth and opponents of growth succeed in slowing down housing supply, prices go up.  Having Affholter’s […]

Require Parking Spots or Bus Passes for New Housing?

Just the other day I posted an update on a report updating the City’s efforts to address the issues created by a December Hearing Examiner decision changing the way frequent transit service is calculated. The decision was unfortunate because it changed the simple straight forward way of calculating frequent transit service disallowing an average of […]